C.P. Rigging is the local leader in event-rigging and audiovisual (AV) staffing based out of Nashville, TN and serving middle Tennessee and Kentucky since 2002. With a thorough understanding of every detail in the process of event and convention planning, we have built a solid reputation as the company of choice for successfully produced events and reliable services. We have rigged and staffed events and conventions at every venue in Nashville and throughout the area. Experienced with venues as varied as tiny tents and grand concert halls, our hallmarks are safe rigging and professional staffing.

Each project revolves around a plan reflecting the characteristics of the event and venue. Our team of designers, engineers, operators and technicians quickly and smoothly put the plan into effect.

Offering specific rates for tech, operator and assistant services, we do our very best to fit your budget while guaranteeing the sophistication of the event. In short, this means that you take care of the program and event planning while we handle the technical side and make sure every speech, song, scene and show are both seen and heard.

We look forward to serving you!